Our staff is the best in the country. Who voted? We did.


We take every project seriously and plan meticulously, which is why our flooring looks amazing.

Every one of our professionals works towards the same goal – to ensure your flooring is installed on time, looks precisely the way you need, and holds up for a long time. Flooring makes a difference to you because it needs to look incredible, stand up to traffic, and give an extraordinary degree of profitability. Commercial flooring is what we’ve done since 1989. We’re privileged to have been trusted with many of the biggest, most prestigious flooring design contracts in and around Chicago.  We don’t shy away from tough, complicated designs.

Drawing on our strong relationships and buying power with leading manufacturers we can supply every type of floor finish – from broadloom and carpet tiles to resilient flooring and wood flooring. We can also take care of sub-floor preparation and can either subcontract or refer you to the best in the business for ceramic, stone, concrete finishing, and terrazzo.


Office Refresh? Lift and Shift: Nothing is out of place and the only change is the flooring.

Envision leaving work during the evening and returning the next morning to fresh out of the box, beautifully installed carpet tile. No furniture relocation. No disruption. No downtime.

For systems furniture, we utilize our furniture LIFT system to replace carpeting from a single workstation to entire floors and whole buildings. It’s super straightforward – we vertically lift your systems furniture just an inch or so, remove the old carpet, replace with new carpet tiles, and lower your furniture back into position. We’re happy to demonstrate.

For private offices, we can offer full removal/replacements or, for minimal disruption, we recommend SHIFT. We demo your existing carpet, shift the furniture around within the office just enough to accommodate the new flooring, and shift it back into place. Fast and easy.

We work with you well in advance to set a phasing plan for your space, knowing that one team of 4 mechanics can lift, demo and install approximately 2,000 sq.ft. per night., we provide you with phasing plans to help you prepare your office. We can adjust the number of installers to accommodate your preferred phase size and if even if things change mid-project we are super flexible, so we can make phasing changes at the drop of a dime.

Need Rent-A-Crates? We’ve got you covered.

Need a painter? We’ve got you covered.
Thinking of making some design changes, adding some furniture accent pieces, or moving some outlets? We can recommend the best in the business and help you coordinate.

Whatever the size, whatever the schedule, you will be surprised how fast, efficiently and cost-effectively we can install and you can return to enjoy your new flooring. We even surprise ourselves!

Our environmental message is simple: Make it last longer

An important step in being environmentally responsible is to select products that are built to last. Make sure when you evaluate carpet made from recycled content fiber that it will retain its appearance for the expected life of the installation. If you have to replace carpet prematurely because it “uglies out,” not only do you lose financially, the environment loses, as well. Carpet constructed using Antron® carpet fiber is designed for long-term appearance retention. Our Continuous Care approach includes maintenance services that will make sure the flooring you select will sustain long after opening day.

When carpet can no longer be restored to a presentable appearance, recycle it with Vortex. Some manufacturers like Tandus, Interface and Shaw offer cradle to cradle recycling programs for their carpet tile products.  Our trained installers carefully remove the old carpet and package it to the manufacturers specifications so that it can be recycled back into new carpet tile. Old broadloom carpet is turned into great products like new carpet backing systems, commercial & residential padding, and automobile parts. With all carpet recycling, we will provide you a certificate with chain of custody verification that it will not end up in a landfill.

We offer master guidance on environmentally friendly flooring choices, lessening waste to landfills, USGBC LEED Rating framework, RED List Compliant items, reused and recyclable substances, smaller footprints, and maintenance programs to extend the life of your flooring.

We work with our providers to reduce wasteful packaging, and utilize eco friendly, low emanation adhesives and floor prep materials whenever and wherever possible. And know that your old flooring will receive a second life, in schools and charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity. They are all given away freely and we have a long waiting list.

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